Rover Pet Services
Walking Services for your Dog

Before taking on a new dog we always take them for a trial walk. This is our chance to get to know your dog on a one-to-one basis and to make sure they are suitable for group dog walking in public places. The trial walk also gives your dog a chance to get to know their walker, to realise where we are going and what is happening.

We walk mainly in groups and it is therefore imperative that your dog does not show any sign of dog-to-dog aggression and is friendly towards humans.

The Walks

We make sure that all our walks are somewhere safe and where your dog can enjoy the freedom of being off the lead. All walks are one hour long and we do not eat into your dog's walking time for traveling to and from the walk. Normally, from door to door, we are out for an hour and a half.

We walk in all weathers so, if you need us to, we will towel down your dog for you if you leave a towel out for us.

Stanmer Park. One of our favourite locations for walks
Stanmer Park. One of our favourite locations
for walks